Guided Meditation

To let go and be free from the weights of this world and to renew one’s self – it’s an aim that human beings find hard to accomplish.  Meditation is an ultimate relaxation and self-renewal, it is not as easy as one imagine; it requires freeing your mind from the things that had been there for so long, to make yourself feel calm with forcing it, and focus yourself to meditation and nothing else.


There are many types of meditation but the often used is the “Guided Meditation”. This meditation may be recorded or live, it offers voiced out steps that would guide you through the whole meditation process.  This guide will tell you (with the calmest voice) relaxing techniques, the correct posture, and tips to get you ready and acquainted with the whole meditation process. Guided Meditation is a good start for those who are new to this renewal process; it would welcome you to the basics up until you are ready to do complex ones.


Different Types of Guided Meditation

Group Guided meditation – this type of meditation requires scheduled sessions, thus, you should be open for fixed and flexible time. As it is named, you will be meditating in a group of people, so you shouldn’t be bothered being in a crowd or feel intimidated sitting next to people you don’t know; if it’s hard for you. Meditation needs inner focus, so nothing that surrounds you should bother you in any way.


Individual Guided Meditation – This meditation is the most convenient especially when you don’t have a flexible schedule. However, this would require you to experiment and discover the right type of individual guide that would suite your preference. You could search through the internet, books, reviews, newspapers, TV ads, or ask for recommendation from your friends.


Guided Meditation has different purposes; some are for improving relationships, self-improvement or goal setting, for renewal of one’s self, sharpening your ability to focus, to free one’s self from negativity, enable higher state of consciousness, or to just relax and keep the body calm.


Usually, every guided meditation is based on a specific background like religion, culture, or beliefs; the techniques and methods differ from each other. Though others prefer to work with groups there are those who prefer to meditate alone and on a place they feel at peace, meditation may be difficult especially if you are not accustomed to its methods, but with the help of a voiced guide it’ll be more effective.


Guided meditation may have different approach, some uses imagery where they create images of themselves or certain memories, there are some that is body focused where the voice-over instructs the meditator with regards to the use of your body parts or breathing. Read more..