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Apr 25

Last Week In Games: 4/14/14-4/20/14

Lookie here ladies and gentlemen!  This edition of Last Week In Games is turned in on time!  Not necessarily, worthy of bragging rights, but given my recent track record, I am going to congratulate myself!  Enough of the back patting, let’s look at the last week in games! Legacy Wars Getting closer to having some …

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Mar 17

Last Week in Games: Supersized Edition 2/17/14-3/9/14

  In case you were wondering, I have not forgotten about our little chats!  Yes, I know the title is,”Last Week in Games”, but the story of the last few weeks is best told as one.  Despite the “Supersized Edition” moniker, this should not be a particularly long entry.  It simply will contain a multi-week …

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Feb 20

Last Week in Games: 2/10/14-2/16/14

Finally, the big gaming weekend arrived!  It had been far too long since I had a real gaming weekend, but the wait was now over.  The wife was off to Florida with a friend and the kiddos were heading to their Dad’s for the weekend leaving little old me to indulge in tons of gaming …

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Feb 14

Last Week in Games: 2/3/14-2/9/14

This week was mostly a refine the design week with a little Board Game Arena to finish things off Sunday night.  I made a few changes to stream-line Legacy Wars in preparation for this weekend’s local game design meetup.  Lets get on with show! Legacy Wars This was the week where I decided to sacrifice …

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Feb 06

Last Week in Games: 1/27/14-2/2/14

QUWNQ7JWRKSS     It was a fairly light week as far as playing games went, but there is a ton of gaming on the horizon!  Much of this week’s activity revolved around making plans for future gaming with imminent return of the IGS and getting ready for a Valentine’s Weekend game fest.  However, even with …

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Jan 30

Last Week in Games: 1/20/14-1/26/14

Back in the saddle!  This week’s gaming, I am happy to report, was quite a step up from last week’s game playing desert!  Things got started Friday night with a little playtesting of my latest creation, Legacy Wars, and a couple of surprising results in two games of the Life in Games favorite, Agricola.  Saturday …

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