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Jan 01

VENOM Assault: Description and Review

VENOM Assault, from Spyglass Games, is a competitive co-op deckbuilding game for 2-5 in which players rally the forces of Freedom Squadron to defeat the evil schemes of the terrorist organization VENOM.  Players work together, as they strengthen their decks and attack VENOM’s strongholds, but in the end, if VENOM is defeated there is an individual winner …

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May 09

The Siblings Trouble: Description and Review

The Siblings Trouble, by Eduardo Baraf, is a cooperative story-telling game for 2-4 players in which the players take a journey into the mysterious places of their backyard and imaginations! This game is currently on Kickstarter, and while I have no financial stake in this project, it is worth noting in the name of full …

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Aug 23

Top 50 Games

Imperial 2030 – 10.0 In the Year of the Dragon – 10.0 Agricola – 9.5 Imperial  – 9.5 Automobile – 9.25 Dominant Species – 9.25 Dominion – 9.0 Conquest of the Empire II – 9.0 Twilight Struggle – 9.0 Tigris and Euphrates – 9.0 Caylus – 9.0 Spartacus:  A Game of Blood and Treachery – …

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Aug 08

Come See Us At Gen Con!

A quick word on when and where you can tryout Strife:  Legacy of the Eternals at Gen Con.  This blog was originally posted on my publisher’s website Vision3games.com. V3G is excited to be going to our very first GenCon as a vendor! We’ll be setup with an extra large booth at the edge of Entrepreneur’s …

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Aug 07

Nautilus Industries: Description and Review

  Nautilus Industries, by Leif Steiestol, is game in which 2-6 players take on the role of businessmen seeking to exploit Nemo’s technological legacy, the vast mineral resources of the ocean floor, and the immense profits that can be earned in the stock market!  The player most successful at all three will win the greatest …

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Apr 25

Last Week In Games: 4/14/14-4/20/14

Lookie here ladies and gentlemen!  This edition of Last Week In Games is turned in on time!  Not necessarily, worthy of bragging rights, but given my recent track record, I am going to congratulate myself!  Enough of the back patting, let’s look at the last week in games! Legacy Wars Getting closer to having some …

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