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May 23

Dwarven Smithy: Kickstarter Recommendation

Dwarven Smithy is game for 2-4 players, from Flatworks Gaming, in which the players try to earn the most gold by selling minerals, runes, and gems, as well as powerful items they crafted from those resources.  Players must make the most efficient use of the limited space in their Workshop, Market, Apprentices, and Tool areas while also …

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May 09

Path of Light and Shadow: Kickstarter Recommendation

Path of Light and Shadow is a new game designed by the trio of Travis Chance, Nick Little, and Jonathan Gilmour in which players engage in a struggle to dominate the realm as the heirs of once great houses.  The methods by which each player attempts to achieve this goal are largely up to them, as they may be as …

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Apr 29

Game Design: Family Think & Make Workshop

I recently gave a presentation about tabletop game design at Perry Meridian Junior High School as part of their series of Think and Make Workshops.  These events are run by their wonderful librarian, Leslie Preddy, and with the help of a few dedicated volunteers.  One of the school’s math teachers and resident gaming expert, Doc Rissel, also took part …

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Apr 13

How to Win New Games By Playing Like My Wife

What is the only thing better than trying out an exciting new tabletop game?  Winning the first time you try out an exciting new tabletop game!  “Easier said than done,” you might say.  After all, depending on the complexity of a game it can be quite challenging to form any sort of coherent strategy with …

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Apr 09

What’s New and What’s Coming.

Hello everyone!  It has been far too long since I have posted here, but that is all about to change.  I have not written as I have been giving a lot of thought over the past few months about the direction that I want to take with Life in Games.  When I started this site, I covered …

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Aug 01

The Lords of Rock: Description and Review

      The Lords of Rock, by Dave Killingsworth of SolarFlare Games, mixes the unlikely thematic duo of mythology and a cosmic battle of the bands.  In this game, 2-4 players will take control of a mythological Pantheon of gods and attempt to out rock the others for control of the universe!   The …

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