Nov 13

Game Design Update 11/13/17

Greetings all! It has been far too long since I have written and this article is attempt to get back into the swing of blogging as well as update everyone on what I have been up to in the world of tabletop game design!

First of all, thanks to everyone who supported the Kickstarter for Legendary Creatures back in late July and early August! Eduardo and I could not have done it without your support and we are truly grateful.  The files are at the printer now and we are eagerly looking forward to backers receiving their copies in the Spring if all goes well!

Next up is the Kickstarter for Book of Dragons from Robert Burke games. It launches on Kickstarter this coming Wednesday and I hope you check it out. Book of Dragons is a unique project in which several game designers created their own games for the same deck of 40 (10 different dragons with 4 copies of each) gorgeously illustrated dragon cards.  Using zero numbers or text each designer made a rule set and thus this one deck of cards will offer players the ability to play many different games with the same set of cards.  I have heard it described as a card game utility belt, and that’s sounds just fine to me!  I am thrilled to be a part this project and share a credit with such incredibly talented designers as Daniel Solis, Jonathon Gilmour, Gil Hova, Sen Foong Lim, Jay Cormier, Robert Burke and many others!  I am especially excited that one of my absolute favorite designers, Martin Wallace will also be contributing a game to the project!  Be sure to take a look at my game, Age of Dragons (A 2-Player strategy battle game) and all of the other wonderful games that make up Book of Dragons when it launches on 11/15/17!


While I am working on a number of designs that are as of yet unsigned, the most ambitious  is Penumbra.  Penumbra is set a millennia after the great war between the Realms of Darkness and Light. Light was victorious and now rules the planes of darkness from Beacon, the City of Light.  When a new ruler of Beacon is needed, a Contest of Shadows is called.  Champions, know as the Shadowborn, who are able to manipulate the light and dark within come to vie for control of Beacon and all the Realms of Darkness.  Only a Shadowborn can keep the Realms of Darkness from breaking loose to reignite the Great War and threaten all life.  However, the Contest of Shadows is not without great risk.  All who seek such power are corrupted in the pursuit and must trade portions of their humanity in the quest to rule the Beacon! Any Shadowborn, whose light is completely extinguished,  transforms into an Abyssal Lord with one purpose…the destruction of Beacon and reigniting the Great War!  Only when a Shadowborn has acquired enough power through military conquest and the politics or is the last claimant to possess any light can a new ruler be crowned and the contest ended.  Court the darkness to defend the light, and walk between both worlds in the Penumbra!

Lastly, is the return of an old friend on which I have been working for a couple of years now.  Killing Jenkins has been looked at by a couple of different publisher with a lot of enthusiasm, but for one reason or another has gone unsigned.  I feel very strongly that this game needs to be made, and has the potential to be a big hit.  In my testing over the years it has always been very well received and particularly so by casual and non-gamers.  The idea of working a soul crushing job under the tyranny of an evil boss who is then murdered has appealed greatly to the players.  They have also enjoyed the way in which the players are not at all concerned about solving the murder, but are only interested in going down for the crime.  Sort of a dark twist on Office Space mixed with Horrible Bosses!

At this time I am still shopping Killing Jenkins around to publisher, but I am also looking into the possibility of running my first Kickstarter campaign as a publisher if I can’t find one.  It would be a huge undertaking, but I also think it would be a fun and exciting way to publish some of my quirkier games and learn more about all aspects of the game industry!  I have some very cool ideas for promotional videos, stretch goals, and prestige pledge levels that could make for an exciting campaign.  We shall see how things develop, but right now I am looking at a mid 2018 launch!

Other than some other small project that I am tinkering with, this mostly sums up where I am on the game design front for right now and for the coming year!  I plan to blog on a much more regular basis again and would love to hear your thoughts and questions about anything game related!  Thanks for reading!  More to come soon!

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