Apr 09

What’s New and What’s Coming.

Hello everyone!  It has been far too long since I have posted here, but that is all about to change.  I have not written as I have been giving a lot of thought over the past few months about the direction that I want to take with Life in Games.  When I started this site, I covered all aspects of my gaming life, but transitioned heavily into the world of reviewing games.  I reviewed both games in my collection and games that were to be released or Kickstarted in the near future.  Before long this became the primary source of my content and I like to think I provided objective information about all the games I have reviewed.  I was never anything but honest, and even in the event I disliked a game it was my goal to inform as to why rather than to be cruel.  However, as my gaming life has changed more and more over the last couple of years my time and interest for doing reviews has greatly diminished and as a result so has my content production.

I still play a ton of games for recreation, but the time once spent on reviews has now been filled more and more with designing games of my own.  Having a full-time job and a family only leaves so much time for game playing and that is filled with gaming with friends and playtesting.  I simply do not have the time to review games anymore and especially those reviews that come with a deadline from the publisher.  This is ok.  I have accepted it and am now ready to move on in a new direction with my articles.  Given that the site is called Life in Games, it only makes sense that the content would change as my gaming life does as well.

Going forward, much of the content here will be directed toward game design, stories about gaming, events that I attend, or super cool projects that I am aware of and want to spread the word about.

The articles on game design will range from updates about my current projects, methods and processes I use, and helpful resources that I discover.  It will be a mixture of excitement for my games and a resource that I hope will help other aspiring designers!


The box for my upcoming game, Legendary Creatures!



The stories about gaming will remain much the same as they always have.  The occasional tale from the IGS (Indy Game Series) to which I still belong and any cool story that occurs while playing games with friends or strangers alike!

For events that I go to, I will report on those I attend in a formal capacity for Life in Games or as game designer as well as those where I am simply there to play games and have fun!

Lastly, as part of my adventures in the game industry I have met and reconnected with some amazingly creative people and if I am made aware of a great project I will write about it.  These will not be reviews in the cold analytical manner I used to write, but the musing of a fellow gamer/fan who cannot wait to see these games get made.  I will still be completely honest regarding such games, an will never engage in shilling, but if I am writing about a game now it will be because I am genuinely excited for its release!

I am very excited to start posting here again and sharing all of my experiences in the gaming world with all of you!  Feel free to find the Life in Games page on Facebook, hit me up on Twitter, or comment on this site.  I would love to connect and hear all about your gaming stories as well!  Happy gaming and stay tuned for big news!

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