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How an Idea Becomes Reality







During the most recent update the Strife: Shadows and Steam Kickstarter campaign, Jake from Vision 3 Games showed the process an idea goes through on its way to becoming a fully realized card.  Even as the game’s designer, I was not fully aware of how this worked and thought it was fascinating!  I decided this is just the sort of inside baseball game junkies love, and chose to share it here as a blog post.  Obviously, if you like what you see, checkout our Kickstarter which is running for about another week!  Either way, thanks for reading!


Curious as to how we develop our amazing artwork? Well it really relies on the magic of our artists, but we thought we’d show you with the process we just went though with Claudio for our first Event card: A Race for Resources.

The first thing that happens (after Chris makes sure the rules are buttoned up of course!) is that we’ll send a brief description over to the artist, along with the rule(s) and a working title. For these event cards, we definitely let the artists take the reigns and creatively interpret them. For this card, we sent the following,:

Race for Resources – Combat always begins at the location with the highest base vp value. If there are multiple locations tied for the highest base vp value, combat begins on the one located furthest from the location deck.
Concept: possibly an airship race between two airships? Or a locomotive vs an airship?

So what happens next? Claudio sends us three quick sketches. These are just to show form and function, as well as establish a color palette for the scene. Here’s what he sent:

Initial concept sketches from Claudio.
Initial concept sketches from Claudio.

From there, we bounce it around a bit internally, and make a call on what direction we like best, along with any comments or revisions we might think necessary. We’ll send feedback to the artist, who’ll take it back for another slightly-more-polished pass.

For this card, we gravitated to the bottom one after a little debate, but felt that we didn’t want it to look like one of the airships was capsizing. We also noted that we wanted to convey speed, not just a leisurely jaunt. So how’d Claudio take that feedback and run with it?

Claudio's second draft of the chosen concept.
Claudio’s second draft of the chosen concept.

You can clearly see he’s emphasized speed more, added details and played with the coloring. That horizon is looking stellar in the background! From here, we’ll give any more feedback as necessary. On this particular piece of art, it wasn’t. “Move forward!” was the cry. So how’d the final illustration end up? Check it out:

Final artwork from Claudio.
Final artwork from Claudio.

Stunning, isn’t it! We’re constantly amazed by Claudio’s efforts. Simply outstanding. But we’re not done yet! There’s still one more crucial step – graphic design and layout.

We’ll take this final artwork and lay it into our Event Card template, and make any adjustments we need to on the overall color balance or contrast on the artwork, while accounting for the cropping we need to fit all the rules text in there.

Final "A Race for Resource" card layout.
Final “A Race for Resource” card layout.

And there you have it. A card ready for the printer! The entire process takes roughly about 2-3 days. As you can see, there’s a lot of effort and love poured into each card. Here at V3G we pride ourselves on the quality of our games, and we hope it shows!




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