Aug 08

Come See Us At Gen Con!

A quick word on when and where you can tryout Strife:  Legacy of the Eternals at Gen Con.  This blog was originally posted on my publisher’s website

V3G is excited to be going to our very first GenCon as a vendor! We’ll be setup with an extra large booth at the edge of Entrepreneur’s Alley, booth #2727. We’ve got a lot of fun stuff in store for GenCon attendees, and we can’t wait to meet you all in person!


First off, we’ll be previewing Strife: Legacy of the Eternals every day with both quick and long demos available in the booth! If you get a chance, come by and try it out. If you like it, we’re selling Preview Edition copies of the game for only $10! Yup, that’s a good deal, because we’re just trying to get it out into the wild before our Kickstarter this October!

We’ll also be running demo’s of IncrediBrawl all convention long. We’ve found IncrediBrawl to be a hit with gaming families and casual gamers looking for a wacky filler fighting game! If you haven’t tried it yet, stop by and give it a whirl. We’ll be selling it at a special show rate, along with having a lot of our fun IncrediBrawl merchandise and accessories available – so be sure to check them out!


For any demo you do at our booth, we have a free micro-game we’re handing out called IncrediCards! These pint-size cards hold a fun, quick fighting game where 1 or 2 key decisions make the difference between victory and defeat! Feel free to challenge us to a game or two of it as well… you never know what you might end up with!

We’re also involved with the Cheese Weasel ConQuest this year! Participate in this wacky scavenger hunt across the exhibit hall for chances to win all kinds of fun stuff! Participating in any demo at our booth will get your card stamped, so we’ll see you there!

We’re super excited for this year, so please stop by and check out us!

If your are interested in receiving an email alert when the Strife Kickstarter launches subscribe at Prefundia!  Thanks for you interest in Strife!

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