March 2014 archive

Mar 23

Creative Clash: Description and Review

Creative Clash, by Ryan Smoker and Ryan Martin, is a game in which players take on the role of an owner of their own creative agency and compete to be the first to fulfill their ego goal by completing projects and acquiring cool stuff.  They accomplish this goal by hiring employees, growing revenue, overcoming sabotage …

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Mar 17

Last Week in Games: Supersized Edition 2/17/14-3/9/14

  In case you were wondering, I have not forgotten about our little chats!  Yes, I know the title is,”Last Week in Games”, but the story of the last few weeks is best told as one.  Despite the “Supersized Edition” moniker, this should not be a particularly long entry.  It simply will contain a multi-week …

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Mar 08

Life in Games: Top 50 Games

Some big changes in this update!  Dominant Species moves into the top 10 all the way up from the 20’s.  There is also a brand new entry on the list, Heroes Wanted from Travis R. Chance and Nick Little.  Their original and highly re-playable game about aspiring superheroes makes a strong debut on the list …

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