December 2013 archive

Dec 19

Boy Scout Board Game Night

          As many of you know, over the last year I have been involved with a couple of different programs in which I have taught children and interested adults, a wide variety of board games.  For most of the year I have been helping Andrea Callahan, and her wonderful family, run …

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Dec 15

Last Month In Games: The Plague Edition

Well, hello again my dear gamer friends!  Some of you may be curious what has happened to the “Last Week In Games” feature and why this article will be listed in the same category when it is in fact about the entire last month.  The reason being, as the title implies, this is a plague …

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Dec 09

Body Builders: A Description and Review

      In Body Builders, by Brian Henk and Clayton Skancke, players are lonely taxidermist seeking to be the first to create a special friend to keep them company.  In pursuit of this goal they must recruit “armies” of scavengers:  vultures, crocodiles, and hyenas to aid them in acquiring scraps and stealing parts from …

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