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Nov 19

Titans Tactics: Description and Review

Titans Tactics, by G. Kelly Toyama, is a no luck, head to head light strategy game in which both players construct a squad of warriors from one of five unique factions and battle for supremacy!  Players must create a team that effectively combines the special abilities and perks of their champions and formulate a cohesive …

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Nov 14

Last Week In Games: 11/4/13-11/10/13

It was a good week for gaming once again, perhaps not in total amount, but certainly in quality.  I got to play some new games and some old classics while wrapping up my final game of the IGS season.  As it was the conclusion of the 2011-2013 edition of the IGS that seems like the …

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Nov 13

Wife In Games Guest Post: Christmas Shopping Includes Games

  As a mother of 2 and a wife of an ever so clever gamer, blogger, and game website owner, I get to be the one in the house stressing over the Christmas shopping. Don’t get me wrong, my husband is an EXCELLENT Christmas shopper, and a WONDERFUL gift giver, but to him, you cannot …

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Nov 06

Last Week In Games: 10/28/13-11/03/13

The trend of very little gaming has come to and end!  Unlike recent weeks, where the gaming content of my blood had grown dangerously low, this week saw a return to more acceptable levels.  Without further ado, here is last week in games. Despite the IGS being off last week, I still managed to get …

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