Oct 31

Last Week in Games: 10/21/13-10/27/13

Once again, it was a fairly light week in gaming for The Dirty Hamm.  As this is the second such week in a row I hope a trend is not beginning to develop!  I did however get to play some of the classic deck-building game Dominion with Steve and Rich as part of the IGS!

For those of you unfamiliar with this amazing game, Dominion is pretty much the Grand Daddy of the enormous glut of deck-building games that you see filling the market today.  In my opinion, it was not only the first, but also the best!  This is primarily due to the fact that the games state is determined before starting and all available options are known.  Unlike Ascension, Lord of the Rings, D.C. Deck-builder, Legendary, and Thunderstone, Dominion is about building the best deck from all of the available cards as the player chooses instead of building it out of the best cards to come off the top of the deck.  After you add in even a few of the expansions there are nearly infinite combinations of potential games set-ups.  Re-playability anyone?  Simple rules, near infinite re-playability, and deep strategy combine to make Dominion one of the best games ever designed!

Now that I have finished the needed amount of gushing, I am happy to report that Dominion was the game we played in last wee’s IGS game night!  I am somewhat less happy to report that I did not emerge victorious.  Once again it was Rich, Steve, and myself, and once again Rich was the winner.  He has been on quite a run here lately and kudos to him for another strong performance!

We were planning to play three full games with the starting boards based on those the designer, Donald X. Vaccarino  had put together for the 2011 world championship.  Points would be awarded based on the finishing position with 5 for winning, 3 for second, and 1 for third.  The highest points total after three games would be the winner.

The first game saw Rich and I tie for final Vp count but I had played one more turn than he and as such he won the tie breaker.  Game two was an utter debacle for me and Rich cruised to an easy victory over Steve.  As this meant there was no need for a third game, Steve and I simply rolled dice to determine the first loser.  It was me…Yay!  Congrats Rich!  Man am I spoiling for some direct conflict in a game to get a little pay back!

There you have it.  One night of gaming last week.  Very sad, but I am pretty sure things will pick-up in the coming week.  After all, this coming Saturday is Family Game Day at the local library and in my capacity as co-host I have no doubt that there will plenty of gaming!  Until next week!


P.S.  I am quite sure that at least one of you out there had a more exciting week of gaming than I did.  Comment here or on the Facebook page to share it with all of us!

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