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Oct 31

Last Week in Games: 10/21/13-10/27/13

Once again, it was a fairly light week in gaming for The Dirty Hamm.  As this is the second such week in a row I hope a trend is not beginning to develop!  I did however get to play some of the classic deck-building game Dominion with Steve and Rich as part of the IGS! …

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Oct 28

Thrash-Car: Description and Review

  Thrash-Car is a humorous racing game, designed by Dave Killingsworth and Bryan Ledford, that is about to go live on Kickstarter.  Players take on the role of a comedic racing team from one of the highly competitive circuits.  The pre-production test copy of the game that I received included one team from each of …

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Oct 22

Last Week In Games: 10/14/13-10/20/13

This week was a fairly light week of gaming for me.  At least for face to face play that is, as I played a number of games on www.boardgamearena.com.  The IGS was back in session and the classic worker placement Caylus was on the menu! Caylus is the epitome of a hardcore gamer’s game.  It …

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Oct 20

The Manhattan Project: Description and Review

  The Manhattan Project, by Brandon Tibbetts, is a highly interactive worker placement game in which players compete to create the most successful atomic weapons program.  Players pursue this goal via the construction of facilities, direction and improvement of their workforce, gathering and refinement of resources, espionage, and even some good old fashion military operations!  …

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Oct 16

Last Week In Games: 10/7/13-10/13/13

This week in review began on October the 7th, a day of considerable importance in the history of gaming, my birthday!  Yes, that is right, your lovable Dirty Hamm was born 38 years ago last Monday and to celebrate I played exactly zero games.  Fear not though, I was able to play a number of …

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Oct 07

Last Week In Games: 9/30/13-10/06/13

This is the first installment of what I hope to make a weekly post.  Every week I will review my various experiences in the world of gaming.  This may be as simple as what games I played and my opinion of those games, and as complex as game design updates or interactions with business insiders.  …

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