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Jan 08

Rosie Bishop: The Jacks Lady

As I mentioned, in my most recent article,  “Life In Games Roadshow:  Recap”, I would be providing more information on Rosie Bishop AKA The Jacks Lady.  I figured that no one would be able to describe what Rosie does or how she feels about the game of Jacks better than her, and the article below …

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Jan 06

Life in Games Roadshow: Recap

I arrived at the Southport Public Library around 1:30 pm, unsure of exactly what to expect in my efforts to aid in the running of Family Game Day.  I sought out the librarian in charge of the festivities, and it turned out to be Erin Elyse Moehring, one our most recent Facebook likes.  She was …

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Jan 03

Life in Games Roadshow

This coming Saturday, January 5, will be the first time that lifeingames.com will be engaging in a little community outreach to spread the love of games!  With the help of my old friend Rick Harvey, I have had the good fortune to come into contact with a wonderful lady named Andrea Callahan.  Andrea, a self-confessed …

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