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Nov 29

Survive: Description and Review

Survive, by Julian Courtland-Smith, was quite an anomaly for a Parker Brothers game from the early 80’s as it possessed a solid amount of strategy and a rather dark theme!  In Survive, each player controls ten people who are trying to escape a volcanic island that is sinking and on the verge of an eruption.  …

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Nov 15

Citadels: Description and Review

Citadels, by Bruno Faidutti, is game in which 2-7 players attempt to build the most impressive city by drafting a character each turn to aid them in their goals of constructing city districts, acquiring gold, and sabotaging their opponents.  The game is played until the end of the game turn in which one or more …

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Nov 01

What Games Have Taught Me: Courage of Conviction

Of the many things I that have learned from playing games, I believe that one of the most important to success in games and life, is the need to possess courage of conviction.  In the realms of politics and religion, having the courage of one’s convictions is another way of saying that people should practice …

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