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Oct 15

What Games Have Taught Me: Intro

I have been playing games for almost as long as I can remember.  I can vaguely recall learning Checkers as young 4, both Poker and Chess at 7,  Axis and Allies at 10, and Magic the Gathering at 17.  I learned about sportsmanship (Bad) from Checkers by defeating my Grandfather in our first game and …

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Oct 10

VisualEyes: First Impression

      VisualEyes, is party game from Keith Dugald and Steve Pickering, that was released back in 2003.  Players roll a pile of ENORMOUS dice with pictures on each side and attempt to create words or phrases from the combinations on the board.  Depending on the result of the Fast Play/Slow Play dice determines the …

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Oct 04

Automobile: Descritption and Review

Automobile, by Martin Wallace, is a game in which 3-5 players take on the role of early auto industry pioneers.  They compete to build the most profitable car company in the dawn of the automotive age spanning from 1896 to 1930.  To do so players will have to develop new models of cars, satisfy the …

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