Jul 26

Gen Con is Coming…Episode II

Three weeks from this very moment I, and many of you, will be deeply immersed in the first day of the floaty bliss cloud that is Gen Con!  Three short weeks until the best four days of the year commence.  As I am sure you can tell, the anticipation is already building to a fevered state here at the lifeingames headquarters(my computer desk), and will only intensify in the coming days.  For now though, I and you, will have to sustain ourselves with another set of tales from past, present, and future Gen Cons.

Ghost of Gen Con Past…

Four years ago brought a huge change to my Gen Con experience as it was the first year that my  wife, then fiancée, Heather attended.  Sure, I will introduce you to friends and family, say I love you, move in with you, and propose marriage, but bringing you to Gen Con is to truly a journey into the inner sanctum of my world.  Now, I was quite aware of Heather’s innate gamerness, otherwise I would not have married her, but this would be a true test of how far down the rabbit hole she was prepared to go.

She fit right in…and then insisted on being the queen of the rabbits! As she likes to say, she let her “nerd flag fly” that day and it has never gone back down.  We had an absolute blast, as I unveiled a nerd’s paradise the likes of which she had never imagined.  I showed her the art gallery where she acquired the first, of her now annual, Nene Thomas calendars.  She got her face painted like a fairy queen and proceeded to smear it by laughing her ass off as we played Redneck Life.  She posed as a Storm Trooper prisoner at blaster point while shackled in binders.  Much like Chewbacca, my wife could not be restrained by binders for long and we were soon back to playing games late into the night!

When the time to leave drew near, I could see the sadness in her eyes that can only come with the end of one’s Gen Con experience.  There was no need to ask her if she wanted to go next year, only how many days.  This year will be her fourth Gen Con, and she will be going all four days.  Her excitement nearly matches my own, and I know that we will have a great time, but I will never forget the look in her baby kitten like eyes as they beheld this new and wondrous world for the first time, and how much fun I had showing it to her!

Ghost of Gen Con Present…

This year will be a very interesting Gen Con.  I will of course be rushing headlong into the orgy of gaming with the same unfettered glee as always, but also be taking notes of the experience for the first time, so that I might accurately report on the goings on at the Con.  I will try to keep moderately detailed notes for session reports of the games that we play, and likely write several “first impressions” reviews following the weekend.  For those of you interested in real-time updates and recommendations, I plan to report via my Facebook and Twitter.  If you are subscribed to either one, the info will be the same on each as I have linked the feeds, so there is no need to follow both.  While I would not go so far as to call these things work, I have a real job that is WORK, it will most certainly be the closest I have ever come to mixing business and pleasure at Gen Con.  It will be fine line to walk, but I will give it my best.

Ghost of Gen Con Future…

I am curious to see what the future brings for Gen Con.  It is committed to remaining in Indy through at least 2015, so I can be sure of that much.  I have often wondered what I would do if it ever relocates to another city.  I imagine it would be a family vacation to wherever we had to go, but I do think a long distance relationship might tarnish my love for Gen Con a little.  Hopefully such concerns are unfounded and the next 45 years of Gen Con will all take place in Indy.  If not, I suppose I could always start a gaming blog, design a few board games, and right the trip off as a business expense!

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