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Jul 30

Gaming With “The Boy”

“The Boy” in question is my 12-year-old stepson Jarrett.  Now the boy normally prefers his gaming to come with controllers, but he does enjoy the occasional game of RoboRally, Ascension, or Go.  He is eagerly looking forward to our next session of Go, as his handicap climbed to 72 stones after the last game.  It …

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Jul 26

Gen Con is Coming…Episode II

Three weeks from this very moment I, and many of you, will be deeply immersed in the first day of the floaty bliss cloud that is Gen Con!  Three short weeks until the best four days of the year commence.  As I am sure you can tell, the anticipation is already building to a fevered …

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Jul 25

IGS: Imperial 2030 Play Report

Play report disclaimer.  Please remember that I can only report on what I saw and what I was thinking.  If my report seems to focus heavily on my own actions, this is because it is what I could best explain.  This is in no way an effort to disrespect my opponents!  So without further ado… …

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Jul 19

Imperial 2030: Description and Review

Imperial 2030, by Mac Gerdts, is a game in which each player takes on the role of a powerful international investor who uses countries as puppets in a quest to earn the greatest profits.  The tools of the trade are bond investing, politics, diplomacy, and war.  The players seek their profits by investing in the …

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Jul 18

Gen Con is Coming…

Those are the ancient words of House Hamm, and while in no way as ominous as the words of House Stark in “The Game of Thrones”, most assuredly as powerful and worthy of heeding! That is right people!  We are officially under the 30 day mark until the happiest time of the year; Gen Con …

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Jul 16

Design Diary #4

Recently my wife and I tried out The Realm as a two player game for the first time in the play testing process. She played the Averones, a family known for the average stats of its members, allowing for a certain flexibility of play. I played the Borgions, a family that possesses strength in arms …

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