Jun 25

Quickie Play report for Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer

The family and I banged out a four player game tonight!  We taught the kids the rules and finished the game in about two hours.  Not too shabby.   We went a little easy on them given that it was their first game, but they made all of their own decisions and both played very well for their first game.  The results were as follows:
                            Chris      Heather       Katie     Jarrett

Honor Stones       43            37               32             17

Deck Honor          36            39               27             39

Total Honor           79!          76 🙁           59 🙁        56 🙁

Yet another close game between the wife and I, but it looks like her being the house master of Ascension is hold at least for now!  It was also very close between the kids.  The picked it up quickly and enjoyed themselves quite a bit!  After the game I asked them their opinions about the game and here are rough translations of what they said:

Katie (13-year-old Stepdaughter)

Katie expressed some mixed feelings about the runes being kept in your deck.  While she liked that they did not go away and allowed future use, she was not a fan of drawing them in such random fashion.  As the last player in turn order,  she took great notice of end game conditions and was glad to receive a turn even though the honor stones ran out.  Given that she benefited directly from this rule, I was not surprised when she explained her support for it.  Having played a little Dominion before, she made it clear that she preferred Ascension’s system that does not limit your actions, but rather allows you to play your entire hand.  When asked to rate the game she thought carefully and told us,” It was a 7.5.”

Jarrett (12-year-old Stepson)

Jarrett told us on about his third turn of the game that he loved it!  When I asked him after the game to tell us what he liked about Ascension he had some interesting opinions  His first comment was about how much he liked the theme.  He said that he really liked the mythological creature that were in the game. He also made it clear to us that the wide variety of cards was another thing that he enjoyed.He too, preferred the playing of one’s entire hand to the limited action rules in Dominion.  He went on to say that he like the way your deck improved as you added more cards.  He said,”In most games if you get a good card it goes away once you play it, but in this you get to keep it and use it later!”  When asked we asked him to rate the game on a scale of 1 to 10. he scored it a 9.0!  Pretty high marks indeed!

In closing, it was an enjoyable evening of family gaming fun!  The kids picked the game right up, and although they pursued vastly different strategies, they wound up being separated by a mere 3 points!  The game held up quite well with the four of us playing, and considering our varying levels of experience and age that was quite an accomplishment!  So far so good for Ascension.  It definitely looks like we got our hands on a keeper!



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    • Heather on June 26, 2012 at 12:46 PM

    Dear Blogger and Husband,
    I feel as though I should set the record straight. Last nights game was less about me becoming house master and more about the children. Although they were picking up the rules, strategy, even the dirty tricks in the game quite quickly, I was still more concerned that I help them than I was about my own game. That being said, I feel you should be more concerned about my plan coming to fruition if you can get only a narrow margin of victory when only 1/2 of my focus was on my own game. Seems more challenges are in our future.
    Always your loving wife,

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