Jun 19

Ninja Vs Ninja: Description and Review

Ninja Vs Ninja is a fun little family game designed by Tushar Gheewala.  It is two player game with each player controlling their own ninja clan.  Both players begin the game with six ninjas in play and start with an identical setup.  The board is divided into three zones: Red Ninja Clan’s home, Black Ninja Clan’s home, and the Neutral Zone.  The goal of the game is to acquire points by sending you ninjas on missions across the neutral zone in to enemy territory and return alive, or to win by killing all opposing ninjas.  The first player to score 7 points wins the game. While wiping out the other clan is an option for victory, it is far more common to win by completing missions.

A player’s turn consists of rolling 2 four-sided dice and selecting one of his ninjas to move.  A ninja must move the full number of spaces with certain limitations.  A ninja may move in a straight line forward, make one 90 degree, and/or one reversal. A ninja may not: move diagonal, move over another ninja, make a reversal in its home territory or in the neutral zone, or end its turn on the same space as a friendly ninja.  If a ninja should end its move on the same space as an enemy ninja it removes the opposing piece from the board.  If a player moves a ninja into either the neutral zone or into the enemy dojo it is considered to be on a mission.  Once on a mission, the ninja must return to friendly territory no later than the end of the second full turn after it was begun, or be removed from the board.  If the piece on a mission penetrates into enemy territory its progress is tracked along the side of the board by that player’s shadow ninja.  When the invading piece turns around and heads home the shadow ninja marks its furthest advance and this will be the number of points scored if it successfully returns.  When points are scored that player moves his ninja master the number of spaces equal to the total.  If this brings the players total to 7 or more he wins!

My Review

I first played Ninja Vs Ninja at Gen Con 2010 with my wife Heather.  We were tired after a long con of playing serious strategy games, and we were looking for something light and fun.  We settled on Ninja Vs Ninja with no idea about the game other than the humorous art on the box.  Yes, we literally judged the game by its cover.  In this case we were rewarded for our lack of due diligence, and had an absolute blast with this game.  I will never forget the looks we received from other people in the game library as we cackled maniacally while slaughtering each others ninjas will sadistic glee!  Yes the game is basic.  Yes it has a ton of luck involved.  Yes the we loved it shamelessly!

In conclusion, I would rate Ninja Vs Ninja a 6.0 out of a possible 10.  I can only rate it so high given the inherent limitations to its simplistic design.  Though I rate it as only slightly better than average I would not hesitate to recommend it to any fun loving couple or as a gift to gamer kids!  While it is most certainly not a serious game that players will study for hours on end. It is a fun little game that can be enjoyed by a couple, a parent with kids, or kids by themselves.  Loosen up, and cheer on your little ninjas while hurling loads of insults and scorn at those of your opponent!  When played like this everyone will win, even the onlookers!


If you are interested in Ninja Versus Ninja check out the link!




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