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Jun 25

Quickie Play report for Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer

The family and I banged out a four player game tonight!  We taught the kids the rules and finished the game in about two hours.  Not too shabby.   We went a little easy on them given that it was their first game, but they made all of their own decisions and both played very well …

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Jun 24

First Impressions: Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer

Ascension is a fantasy deck building game designed by Justin Gary.  Players draft from a play area stocked with cards from a common deck.  Each player begins with an identical set of cards that allows for minimal combat strength and purchasing power.  From these modest beginnings players recruit heroes to fight monsters and build constructs …

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Jun 22

Game Design Diary #2

Last Thursday night was the first play testing session for the game I am designing tentatively titled, “The Realm” A very brief description would be that it is struggle between powerful families attempting to be named heirs to the throne of a fantasy kingdom whose king is without a successor. Using worker placement mechanics to …

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Jun 19

Ninja Vs Ninja: Description and Review

Ninja Vs Ninja is a fun little family game designed by Tushar Gheewala.  It is two player game with each player controlling their own ninja clan.  Both players begin the game with six ninjas in play and start with an identical setup.  The board is divided into three zones: Red Ninja Clan’s home, Black Ninja …

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Jun 18

IGS: Power Grid Play Report

Play report disclaimer.  Please remember that I can only report on what I saw and what I was thinking.  If my report seems to focus heavily on my own actions, this is because it is what I could best explain.  This is in no way an effort to disrespect my opponents!  So without further ado… …

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Jun 16

Power Grid: Description and Review

Power Grid, by Friedman Friese, is a popular game that places players in charge competing power companies as they purchase power plants at auction, manage their money supply, acquire resources, and struggle to power the most cites by the end of the game. The base game includes maps for the USA and Germany, but several …

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